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VIDEO: 'Fearless With Marlo Thomas,' Featuring 'Sleeping Naked After 40' Founder Rosie Battista

At Marlothomas.com, we’re always talking about how important it is for women to continue dreaming, no matter how impossible their goals may seem. Rosie Battista is one woman who took this attitude to heart. At 50 years old, Rosie decided to reinvent her life and pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder. We found her story to be inspiring. We hope you do, too.

"The turning point happened in my kitchen. But it wasn't when I was cooking, eating or washing dishes. What happened in the kitchen actually took place in my head and changed my life forever and for the better."

So begins Rosie Battista's story of how she completely transformed herself at the age of 50 from a self-proclaimed "fat head" (always thinking and feeling fat, hating her body and just tolerating life) to a competitive bodybuilder, finally comfortable in her own skin -- and competing onstage alongside her 20-year-old daughter.

For Rosie, a closetful of beautiful vintage clothes that used to fit was a constant reminder that she had fallen into a rut, and that she was not living her life as the person she wanted to be. She was teaching fitness and weight loss for a living, but she was 35 pounds overweight herself. She was selling her house in a bad market, she had just ended a committed relationship, and her business was on shaky ground. And though she often spoke to her kids about her dreams of becoming a bodybuilder, she never acted on them. Even when her kids encouraged her to "just do it," the odds simply seemed insurmountable.

Then one day something clicked, and Rosie decided to reinvent herself and achieve her dream. It wasn't easy and there were many tears along the way. There were feelings of dread and despair. She had to battle her own internal voices of fear and doubt, which repeatedly told her she was too old, hormonal and menopausal to ever reach her goals. But sheer determination and inspiration kept her going. The mother of three kept moving forward.

Today, Rosie is the author of several books. She's a weight-loss specialist, a nutrition and lifestyle coach, and a figure (aka bodybuilding) competitor. She writes, teaches, coaches, and competes from a place of confidence, strength, and happiness. She went from being a "fat-feeling, frumpy, 50-year-old" to a "fabulous, focused, confident 50-year-young woman" who is now so comfortable in her skin that she sleeps naked every night -- and loves it.

Three fearless lessons Rosie learned that you can try yourself:

- Set manageable, daily goals for yourself. Focus on those while keeping the bigger goal in the back of your mind.

- Think about how you can inspire people and make their lives better, instead of dwelling on all the reasons you have to be afraid.

- If you are scared and nervous about a goal you have set for yourself, plan to do it with a partner. That will motivate you and surely help in getting you there!

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