05/11/2012 12:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jon Stewart On Obama & George Clooney Party: 'Well Played' (VIDEO)

According to the pundits, President Barack Obama's show of support for gay marriage rights Wednesday was either a genuinely-felt sentiment, a politically calculated move for more votes, or an opportunistic money grab the day before a Hollywood fundraiser.

But why not all three? As Jon Stewart and Jason Jones pointed out on Thursday's "Daily Show," Obama landing in Los Angeles the day after his big announcement was like "going to Israel after you kill Hitler," or "going to Burning Man after legalizing pot."

"Reporting" from Hollywood, Jones revealed what went on inside Clooney's home Thursday night, and it's a lot different from the official pool reports the White House sent out about the event.

"Right now in George Clooney's house, Elton John is swinging from a chandelier, sipping champagne from the penis of a naked gladiator ice sculpture!" Jones exclaimed. "And that is the straightest thing I saw in there!"

He was also kind enough to share a phone picture of the "hedonistic godless nightmare" that was last night's Hollywood ostentation.


screenshot from The Daily Show segment

Looks like a fun party!

Watch the first two segments of Jon Stewart's segment on the evolution of Fox News on gay rights coverage:



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