05/13/2012 03:44 am ET

Mother's Day 2012: HuffPost Teen Bloggers And Editors Share Advice From Mom

If there's one thing that moms are always good for, it's some great free advice. When you think about it, you might be surprised at how much your mother's words have guided you in your everyday life. From making sure you eat your vegetables and brush your teeth to encouraging you to be yourself and follow your dreams, a little motherly wisdom can go a long way in helping us navigate our adolescent -- and adult -- years.

So in honor of Mother's Day, the HuffPost Teen blogging team has shared some advice from their lovely, super-smart moms. Check out a few adorable tributes in the slideshow below!

What's the best piece of advice your mom has ever given you? Tell us in the comments below or tweet a photo of you and mom @HuffPostTeen!



Best Advice From Mom!