05/11/2012 10:03 am ET Updated May 11, 2012

Spotify The News: A Handy Playlist Of The Week's Headlines

Introducing "Spotify the News," a new HuffPost feature designed to translate the week's big headlines into a weekend-worthy playlist featuring classic hits, unfairly overlooked obscurities and a good deal of what's in between.

Gay marriage led the "Headline News" this week, thanks to Vice President Joe Biden's unusual decision to utter "A Few Honest Words" about the right of same-sex couples to say, "Let's Get Married." The resulting "Controversy" seems to have forced President Obama to "Evolve" faster, and the White House quickly arranged a "Tete a Tete" with ABC's Robin Roberts. Obama's declaration that "same sex couples ought to be able" to join their hands in "Matrimony" struck most supporters as historic -- and a vocal few as "Too Little Little Late." The day after making the "Marriage" announcement, Obama ventured into the heart of Hollywood for a fundraiser at the home of "This Charming Man," George Clooney. There, movie stars and titans of the industry showered the president with "California Love" (it was a 15 "Million Dollar Bash," after all), causing a few starstruck attendees to declare that "Someone Saved My Life Tonight." The 99 percenters, meanwhile, were left to ponder, not for the first time, how utterly "Cash Rules Everything Around Me."

Elsewhere, Mitt Romney's "School Days" were in the news. According to The Washington Post, when Romney was a student at the prestigious Cranbrook prep school, the righteous young stickler went "A Little Bit Crazy" when a gay classmate departed from the prevailing "Crew Cut" orthodoxy and urged his classmates to "Beat on the Brat." Romney tried to pass the incident off as one of those "Things I Don't Remember," but was eventually forced to apologize. Let's hope that's the end of it -- after all, "What Can I Say After I'm Sorry"?

In other news, TIME magazine stirred up controversy with its cover showing a three-year-old enjoying his "Favourite Food" -- his mother's breast milk. "You Wanna Freak Out"? Go right ahead, but "Mother" and breastfeeding enthusiast Jamie Lynne Grumet says the practice will help her son develop a "Healthy Body" -- and makes her feel like a "Natural Woman."

Spotify the News will respectfully steer clear of whatever "Natural Disaster" dominated world news this week and instead end with "A Salty Salute" to the late children's author Maurice Sendak, who died on May 8 at the age of 83. Good sir, this "Rumpus" is for you.

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