05/11/2012 07:39 pm ET Updated May 12, 2012

The White House In Miami Wouldn't Be Miami's Most Expensive Home (INFOGRAPHIC)

We know it's hard to imagine, because it isn't coated in stucco, filled with gaudy decor, or accented with a giant yacht tied bobbing nearby, but: if the White House were moved to Miami, how much would it cost?

The crew over at MOVATO asked Jason Koitz of the Koitz group how much the historic 55,000 square foot, 132-room, 35-bath, 6-level house would fetch on the DC market, and he figured the property would list for $110 to $115 million and sell for $75-80 million.

Perhaps thanks to our tanked real estate market, the ol' girl wouldn't command prices quite that high in the 305. Using Koitz's numbers with "the median price per square foot of residences in each metro area," MOVATO figures the White House would cost "just" $39 million if transported to Miami!

Of course, $39 million is a whole lot of dough. But we can't help but think Miami's richest city/poorest city gap is skewing our estimate: despite boasting 132 rooms and 35 baths, the massive White House wouldn't even be the most expensive home in Miami-Dade County!

To be further floored, use the infographic below to see how much America's First House would cost in New York or San Francisco: