05/11/2012 09:52 am ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

Show Us What You're Snacking On! (VIDEO)

We know we shouldn't. We know it's not great for our health; nor does it help maintain a clean work place. But, it's hard to resist. Eating in front of our computers at this point in our technology-dependent lives just happens. Sometimes we're too busy at work (or Googling) to take a break to eat, so we just eat at our desks, or eat at home while our laptops are in our laps (watch out for spills!).

Since we all do it, we want to know what you're snacking on. Take a quick video by clicking below to participate -- it's surprisingly easy (and fun!) to submit. And check out what others are eating in the slideshow below!

What are you snacking on?!