05/13/2012 10:34 am ET

Liam Neeson On 'SNL': Get In The Cage With Andy Samberg On Weekend Update (VIDEO)

The Will Ferrell episode of "Saturday Night Live" saw yet another celebrity cameo when Liam Neeson, star of "Battleship", stopped by Weekend Update to "Get In The Cage" with Andy Samberg as Nicolas Cage.

On a recent episode, the segment saw Samberg's impression of the absurdly intense actor sitting next to the real Nic Cage, so only someone as venerable as Neeson could hope to top it. Neeson's genuine bafflement at how he was supposed to respond to such a ludicrous person seemed to give Samberg plenty of fuel for the sketch.

And what surprise appearance by Liam Neeson would be complete without his signature quote from "Taken"? After all, he does have a particular set of skills.