05/13/2012 12:21 pm ET Updated Jul 13, 2012

10 Miami Homes Mom Would Love: Houses With Beautiful Gardens, Patios, And Views (PHOTOS)

Moms love gardens. It's true! After all, we give them flowers every year, and those are really just tiny portable shrubberies, aren't they?

Unfortunately, we in Miami don't do the formal English garden thing much, and there's a lot that just won't grow here thanks to the heat and "soil". But we do make up for it with amazing lawns, beautiful Florida-style gardens where we can grow 'em, luxurious patios, and pool views to kill for.

So if "happy Mother's Day" just doesn't cut it this year, reach deep and buy that special lady a house: a house where she can get her green thumb on all she wants, with a little head start. Thanks to our friends at, we've got a little bit of anything any mom could want, from shiny and new to historic charm to relatively modest courtyards to palaces big enough for a whole gaggle of grandkids (no pressure!):



Homes Mom Would Love