05/13/2012 08:20 am ET Updated Jul 13, 2012

Ask Miami: What's The Best Advice You've Gotten From Mom Or Grandma? (PHOTOS)

Between rounds of harping on our vegetable intake, moms drop some pretty good nuggets of advice. And while we all spent a good number of our formative years ignoring it, it's impossible to ever get that little voice out of your head.

That's the magic of moms, of course, and the wisdom -- sometimes sage, sometimes hilarious -- they pass down to children. Whether notes on a lady's conduct, absolutes on toothbrushes, insightful advice on love, mandates on horizontal stripes, and the just plumb nuts (you should hear ours on "evil" women and red nail polish), moms are the constantly writing our own very own personal handbook on life.

So happy Mother's Day, South Florida moms and grandmas. You're the best. And in your honor, we've compiled a slideshow of the best advice you've given some of the brightest names around. Sound familiar, anyone?



What's the best advice your mom or grandmother ever gave you?