05/14/2012 04:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Avengers' Parody Comics: 10 Hilarious Illustrations From Popular Tumblr

We didn't think anything could top blogger Noelle Stevens' hilarious "Hunger Games" comics that went viral last month, but it seems the 20-year-old college student and illustrator has outdone herself. This time, she's created a super-witty comic series that parodies the superheroes of "The Avengers."

A diehard "Avengers" fan (she went to see the movie dressed as Hawkeye), Noelle has been anticipating the movie for months and started creating illustrations when the first set of still images from the film surfaced on the Internet. She explains on her Tumblr: "I mercilessly make fun of everything I love. It’s my particular way of disguising the sheer magnitude of the feelings that I have."

Check out 10 of our favorite illustrations below, and head over to Noelle's Tumblr for more "Avengers" awesomeness.