05/14/2012 01:58 pm ET Updated May 14, 2012

HuffPost Falls For Bev Perdue's Fake Twitter Account [UPDATED]

CORRECTION: This story embarrassingly took Bev Perdue's spoof Twitter account at face value -- here is her real one -- to produce the following:

North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue (D) has apologized to Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) for using his state to express her embarrassment after North Carolina voters approved a constitutional amendment last week banning gay marriage.

On Monday she tweeted:

The tiff began on Friday, when Perdue told a local news reporter that Amendment 1, a ballot initiative prohibiting same-sex marriages and other types of domestic unions, was wrong for North Carolina. The state's overwhelming passage of the measure made them, "look like Mississippi," she said.

Officials in Mississippi didn't take kindly to the jab.

"To be able to use Mississippi in a disparaging way on a popular vote in her own state is, I think, something that's certainly petty and something I think she will reflect on and hopefully apologize for those types of remarks," Gov. Bryant told reporters.

Mississippi Lieutenant Gov. Tate Reeves took his response in a different direction, instead touting his state's business-friendly climate.

"I would invite any North Carolina-based company wanting to move to a lower-taxed, less-regulated state to look at our business-friendly opportunities," he said.