05/14/2012 03:48 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

John Travolta Lawsuit: Masseur's Lawyer Wants Private Trial But Says Actor Can Expect 'One Hell Of A Fight'

The lawyer representing an anonymous masseur who claims to have been sexually harassed by John Travolta says the "Pulp Fiction" actor can look forward to "one hell of a fight" in court.

As People magazine is reporting, Los Angeles-based attorney Okorie Okorocha is looking forward to representing the masseur, named in court documents only as "John Doe #2," but wants all of the legal proceedings to be carried out privately.

"I want a full trial with a private judge," Okorocha told the magazine. He also seemed to dismiss earlier reports that he had been in talks to enter mediation with Travolta's attorney Marty Singer: "There is no mediation. There'll never be a settlement. I want privacy for sex crime victims."

RadarOnline, which claimed Okorocha and Singer had been working on the ground rules for the evidence and procedure on how a mediation will proceed, cited an unnamed source who predicted the case could get ugly: "The lawsuit will be heard by a private judge, who will decide how much money if any the accuser will receive. All of the proceedings will be strictly confidential, but make no mistake, this will be a dog fight, that will take place out of the public forum."

Last week, sexual battery and harassment claims against Travolta made by "John Doe #1," described only as a Texas-based masseur, began to crumble last week when the alleged victim admitted he'd gotten the date of his supposed encounter with Travolta wrong. Although John Doe #1 maintained that the attack still happened, but on an earlier date, Okorocha dropped him as a client regardless.

"Okorocha did not feel he could represent John Doe #1 going forward anymore and recommend him finding another lawyer," a source exclusively told RadarOnline.com. "He is still representing John Doe #2 other alleged victims who are possibly coming forward."

That disclosure all but confirmed an earlier TMZ report, which presented photographs and and a restaurant receipt -- reportedly received from "Travolta sources" -- that were claimed as proof that the actor was actually in New York at the time the masseur said he was assaulted by him at the Beverly Hills Hotel in California.

How the two existing sexual harassment claims against Travolta will proceed remains to be seen.

On May 7, John Doe #1 filed a lawsuit alleging that Travolta not only masturbated in front of him at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Jan. 16, but also suggested a threesome with "a Hollywood starlet" and bragged that he "got where he is now due to sexual favors he had performed when he was in his 'Welcome Back, Kotter' days," according to TMZ.

A day later, John Doe #2 -- described as a masseur who worked for an unspecified Atlanta-based resort -- came forward with nearly-identical claims, stating that Travolta "would open his legs and spread his butt cheeks open and had a full erection and would maneuver in a way to try to force [the plaintiff] to touch his anus and around his anus" during a scheduled massage appointment, according to RadarOnline.

On May 10, Fabian Zanzi, a former Royal Caribbean cruise line employee, came forward with a third set of allegations against the star, saying Travolta accosted him and offered him $12,000 for sex in 2009.

Both John Doe #1 and John Doe #2 sought $2 million in punitive damages. Travolta's camp blasted the allegations in a statement to E! Online, calling them "complete fiction and fabrication."

Travolta, who is married to actress Kelly Preston, has been dogged by rumors about his sexuality for years.

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