05/14/2012 12:30 pm ET

Obama Barnard Speech: Romney Campaign Targeting Online Ads To Commencement Address

Mitt Romney's campaign is running Google search ads targeted to New York City users who go online looking for information about the commencement ceremony at Barnard College, where President Barack Obama is speaking Monday.

"Obama's Wasteful Spending," the ad blares, arguing that the president is "leaving graduates with an economy not creating the jobs they deserve."

The ads show up when a user in New York City and its environs searches for any number of terms. Searches for "Barnard commencement," "Barnard College," "commencement" and "directions to Barnard" all yielded the ad.

Users who click on the ad are directed to a page on Romney's campaign website titled "Youth and the Obama economy."

The Romney campaign is also running ads on YouTube for users in the area, a 15-second teaser drawn from a page on Romney's website that highlights the number of new college graduates who are unemployed.

The campaign is running ads on mobile phones in and around Barnard as well, digital director Zac Moffat told The Huffington Post.