Prom 2012: 20 Amazing, Inspiring And Hilarious Stories From The Class Of 2012

To say it's been a prom season to remember for the graduating class of 2012 would be a major understatement. From cardboard-cutout dates to tornado-interrupted dances to some totally epic prom proposals, high school seniors across the country had some truly epic stories to share this year.

Now that most students have already posted their photo albums on Facebook and stowed their dresses in the back of their closets, we wanted to relive the prom memories along with them through a round-up of the amazing stories we heard this year. In the slideshow below, we compiled the 20 most inspiring, wacky, controversial and generally unforgettable tales of prom 2012. Get ready for some prom-night nostalgia, because these movie-worthy moments are a testament to why prom is considered the biggest event of your high school career.

What's your favorite prom story of the year? Do you have any outrageous moments of your own to share? Tell us in the comments below or tweet @HuffPostTeen!



Prom 2012 Round-Up