05/14/2012 03:59 am ET Updated May 14, 2012

'Survivor: One World' Finale: Kim Spradlin Manages To Win Both The Season And Fan Favorite (VIDEO)

There were two phases to this season of "Survivor: One World" (Sun., 8 p.m. ET on CBS). Colton Cumbie had a cruel dominance during the pre-merge phase of the game. Who knows how things might have played out had he not been medically evacuated?

Once he was gone and the tribes merged, Kim Spradlin quickly gained control, positioning herself in the most powerful spot in the game, as the swing vote in two separate alliances. She secured a Hidden Immunity Idol she never had to use, and dominated the final Immunity Challenges to earn her spot in the Final Three.

She sat alongside Sabrina Thompson and Chelsea Meissner in the Final Tribal Council, but it looked like it was hers to lose. The Jury was surprisingly subdued. Even Kim, who was the most emotional after her blindside, preached peace and calm to the other Jury members.

In the end, Kim got the most votes and took home the million dollars. She also scored an additional $100,000 as the fan favorite, giving her a clean sweep for the season.

"Survivor" has been renewed by CBS, and will return with three former contestants who were medically evacuated, as Colton was this season. Will he return? How will the return of a three tribe split mix things up?

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