05/15/2012 04:47 pm ET Updated May 15, 2012

'Harold And Kumar' Animated Series And More Adult Swim New Pilot 2012-2013

Late nights on Cartoon Network are about to see a lot of changes. Adult Swim has announced its 2012-2013 pilot slate. From an animated version of "Harold and Kumar" to a genius grandfather from "Community" creator Dan Harmon, the network's upcoming season is chockfull of new pilots.

Check out descriptions of the "Adult Swim" pilots below:
"Untitled Animated Harold & Kumar Project": Everyone's favorite stoner comedy is set to get the animation treatment.

"Rick & Morty": Chronicles the journey of a genius grandfather and his much less brilliant grandson.

"Colonel Wallace": (Working Title) Follows the adventures of an eccentric Southern fried chicken mandate.

"Coffin Dodgers": Centers on a group of grumpy old folks who stir up trouble at a suburban retirement home.

"Green Bench: The American Day Dream": A group of friends pool their money to buy an office space for a yet-to-be-determined business they plan to start together.

"Freestyle Love Supreme": Revolves around IT. guys who spend their days working on freestyle rapping skills all day long.

"King Star King": About a modern day he-man who's half-warrior, half-idiot.

"Rolling With Dad": An animated show that focuses on a brilliant, disabled man dealing with his unintelligent family.

What are you most excited about on the Adult Swim 2012-2013 pilot lineup? Let us know in the comments.