05/15/2012 02:35 am ET Updated May 15, 2012

'Mad Men' Cast And Creator Go 'Inside The Actors Studio' (VIDEO)

James Lipton took several of the castmembers and "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner "Inside the Actors Studio" (7 p.m. ET on Bravo). It was the largest cast Lipton had ever assembled. Joining Weiner on stage were Jon Hamm, Jared Harris, Christina Hendricks, January Jones, Vincent Kartheiser, Kiernan Shipka, and John Slattery.

Shipka was only allowed to be on stage during certain discussions, just as she admitted she's only able to watch the scenes that she's a part of. The show is, after all, a little adult. That didn't stop her from stealing the show with her charm with almost every moment she was on the stage.

This was also the source of that infamous comment that Jon Hamm almost didn't get the part of Don Draper, because some executives didn't think he was quite sexy enough. As mentioned on Digital Spy, sexy is a description Hamm has never quite gotten comfortable with, so maybe he felt better to know that some weren't comfortable with that association either.

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