05/15/2012 01:20 pm ET

Lawyer, Rejected By Woman After Date, 'Accidentally' Sends Passive Aggressive Text

Ahh, first dates. The butterflies, the insecurities, the potential ... The soul-crushing rejection followed by public humiliation.

At least, that's what happened to one New York lawyer, according to Gawker.

Candice, 31, apparently went to see "The Avengers" with the attorney, but didn't really feel a spark. Likely suspecting this was the case, the unnamed man texted her after the date, asking if there was any potential.

"Do you want us to get to know each other? I don't want to waste my time," he asked, according to Gawker.

After Candice offered an apologetic "no," the fellow went on to tell her that she had made a big mistake. Then, he "accidentally" texted her a message, allegedly meant for his "buddy," which contained a harsh critique of the night.

Head over to Gawker to see screenshots of the lawyer's "accidental" text and read his take on the not-so-great date.

While certainly embarrassing for the unnamed attorney, at least the texting mistake didn't put two schools on lockdown. Back in March, a text that was supposed to say "gunna be at west hall today" was accidentally sent as "gunman be at west hall today," and caused both the high school and middle school to alert authorities. Once the confusion was cleared up, the lockdown was lifted a few hours later.

Anyone who has ever been the victim -- or the perpetrator of -- the accidental (or worse, drunk-accidental) text to someone of romantic interest should take a deep breath and read this post by Crushable deputy editor Amanda Ernst. Her advice? Just laugh it off.