05/15/2012 01:38 pm ET

Mitt Romney's Favorite Things Auto-Tuned By The Gregory Brothers (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney may not formally become the GOP nominee until the Republican National Convention, but his position as the 2012 choice has been cemented by a much more important measure: He got auto-tuned by The Gregory Brothers.

The music collective, who first gained widespread Internet fame for their "Auto-Tune the News" remix videos, released their latest audio-visual ode to Romney's "favorite things" on today (as an "op-doc"). We all knew his love of all things business (and firing people), but who knew how rapturously he believes in lakes, iPads and, um, the Keystone cops?

The Gregory Brothers recently performed at The Comedy Awards, where they won for Best Viral Video (for their "Winning" video about Charlie Sheen).