05/15/2012 04:55 pm ET

Devon Daniels, NYPD Officer, Arrested For Allegedly Helping Drug Trafficking Ring In Queens

NYPD police officer Devon Daniels was arrested Tuesday, accused of aiding a Queens drug trafficking ring by supplying it with police intelligence and facilitating sketchy financial transactions, NBC New York reports.

Authorities say Guy Curtis--the leader of a violent Jamaica Queens heroin ring called Pov City-- routinely reached out to Daniels for help, and in one instance even asked the cop via text how to get “gunshot residue off your hands.”

In another instance, The New York Times reports:

Officer Daniels procured a New York Police Department parking placard for Mr. Curtis, according to the criminal complaint, which is signed by Agent Pathik R. Lotwala. On another occasion, Officer Daniels, driving a vehicle belonging to Mr. Curtis, hurried to the scene where one of Mr. Curtis’s associates was being arrested, according to the complaint. After identifying himself as a police officer and talking to the arresting officers, Officer Daniels reported back to Mr. Curtis what he had learned, the complaint says.

And another:

“Yo do them plates real quick,” Mr. Curtis once sent a text message to Officer Daniels, by way of asking him to run several license plates through a national law enforcement database to learn information about the owners. “What u need I got it,” Officer Daniels replied, before sending along a name and address of the person to whom one of the cars, a BMW 5 series, was registered.

Daniels, 30, is charged with "illegally accessing the NYPD's computer database to provide restricted information to a drug trafficking organization," according to The New York Post. Daniels allegedly gathered criminal rap sheets and checked which drug dealers were wanted by police, before handing the information over to Curtis.

In return for his help, Curtis allegedly wired Daniels money. The Drug Enforcement Administration and NYPD Internal Affairs arrested Daniels after tracing transfers to his bank account.

In January, Curtis plead guilty to charges of conspiracy to distribute, according to NBC.