05/15/2012 09:26 am ET Updated May 15, 2012

Pat Buchanan Rails Against Gay Marriage, Obama: 'The Heart Of The Cultural War' (VIDEO)

Pat Buchanan attacked President Obama for supporting same-sex marriage on Monday, saying the president's endorsement ignited the official return of the culture wars.

"I didn’t declare it a culture war, we just admitted it was there," Buchanan told Fox News' Megyn Kelly. "I think the president has put his presidency at risk because this is an emotional, cultural, moral issue. And when folks go to the polls the overwhelmingly majority already in 30 states have imposed a ban on homosexual marriage," Buchanan said.

Buchanan said that gay marriage proponents were trying to impose a "radical idea" onto the American people "by coercion." He added that he did not think it would would work.

"They've rejected it repeatedly," he said. "And again, what has been the history? You think for two thousand years, all of western civilization has been engaged in horrendous bigotry because they've denied the right of homosexuals to marry?"

Kelly interrupted Buchanan. "Well Pat, there's a history of that in this country. We were bigoted and discriminating against blacks for a couple hundred years in this country, or a hundred plus, and it's not like just because it took us a long time to realize it, it never happened," she said.

"It has been universally condemned throughout history," Buchanan pressed. "They believe and I believe that it is unnatural and immoral—the relationship. And we are trying to enshrine that in the Constitution of the United States. Obama hasn't gone that far, but that is what they want done. And that is the heart of the cultural war, Megyn."



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