05/16/2012 02:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Android Sign Insults Apple In Rather Juvenile Way (PHOTO)

This gives a new meaning to "Ice Cream Sandwich."

Reddit user dkmag shared the following photo, snapped in China and originally posted on the Chinese message board, of an Android shop next to an Apple shop. The Android store's logo is, uh, confrontational, to say the least:

android apple sex

The text beside the Apple logo translates to "Exclusively Apple," in that it exclusively sells Apple products; the Android logo, meanwhile, would seem to indicate that the store next door has something exclusive for Apple, and it's not a smartphone or a MP3 player.

Indeed, many Android proponents have long held the belief that Apple sucks; now they have the visual proof.

Both shops are likely fakes, of course, as I very much doubt that Google would approve a be-penised version of its beloved Droid mascot to grace a storefront, no matter how close an Apple store happened to be.

The awesome fake-ness of this bawdy Android shop recalls the incredible counterfeit Chinese Apple store that swept the Internet back in July 2011. (There are also fake Android stores in China -- some of which even sell the iPhone). China recently surpassed the United States to become the largest market of smartphone owners; Android enjoys a wide lead over Apple, with an almost 69 percent market share to Apple's six percent.

Android has the market share, and now it has a (very) crude representation of its dominance, thanks to an enterprising store owner in China. No word on whether Apple has anything planned in retaliation, though we can only imagine that its revenge will involve Siri.