05/16/2012 09:48 am ET

Brian Williams Answers Uncomfortable Questions About Scott Pelley And Diane Sawyer On 'Letterman' (VIDEO)

Brian Williams sat down with "Late Show" host David Letterman Tuesday night and was immediately asked somewhat awkward questions right off the bat.

"First of all," Letterman said. "Scott Pelley?"

"Oh yes," Williams responded. "I'm so anxious to take that on first. Who's better, me or Scott Pelley?" Williams said that they are just different people. "He is every inch a Texan, and I am every inch a New Jersian," he said. Williams flashed an enthusiastic audience member a shaka sign.

Letterman later asked about Diane Sawyer at ABC. "Lovely person," Williams said. "These are all great people. That's why they're terrific competitors."

"Do you think she's had work done?" Letterman asked, speaking of Sawyer.

Williams took a long pause and said, "Rickles was great when he was on. Sat right here, Don Rickles."