05/16/2012 10:16 am ET

Christina Gonzalez, Stop And Frisk Activist, Arrested After Calling Judge John Wilson 'White Racist Pig'

An activist's court appearance to deal with an arrest stemming from an October stop-and-frisk rally led by Professor Cornel West, landed her in jail for ten days after calling the judge a "white racist pig."

Gothamist reports Christina Gonzalez showed up to court on Friday and mistakenly entered Judge John Wilson's courtroom, apparently breaking official courtroom etiquette.

Wilson demanded Gonzalez be handcuffed for the error, to which Gonzalez asked a defendant to inform her employer she was being "arrested by a white racist pig."

Refusing to apologize for the insult, Wilson held Gonzalez in contempt of court and sentenced her to ten days in Rikers Island.

Stop Mass Incarceration refers to Wilson's rather disturbing past, authoring the controversial children's book "Hot House Flowers" in 2006:

In the story, the illegal immigrants, represented by dandelions, use up water, soil, and sunlight to the detriment of the native flowers in the hot house. Critics have called the book an “ugly allegory” and say it teaches intolerance and xenophobia.

Gonzalez, who was 25-years old at the time of her arrest in October, has also been a prominent Occupy Wall Street supporter and credited the the movement for inspiring activism in other causes such as the NYPD's stop-and-frisk tactics, "Occupy Wall Street has definitely started a wave and every other protest that goes on is able to ride that wave."

The activist was also one of many arrested during Occupy Wall Street's height in September. Watch her below detail alleged NYPD brutality during her arrest: