05/16/2012 03:08 pm ET Updated May 16, 2012

MTV Green Picks Recycle Machine: Expired Credit Cards Transformed Into Guitar Picks (VIDEO)

The environmental perils of plastic seem to have no bounds. But now used credit cards can be given a second life as guitar picks thanks to a newly unveiled recycling machine.

The brainchild of MTV Brasil, the machine is quite simple to operate.

As demonstrated in the above YouTube video, an expired credit card is inserted into the machine and a lever is pulled. Then, like magic, a fresh guitar pick is spit out of the device.

Credit cards are often made from a mix of plastics, making them impossible to recycle, according to the sustainable packaging manufacturer BioFina Group. According to the company's blog, "if half a million people throw away an old credit card, that would make nearly 1200 pounds of plastic waste."

Creative minds are also busy turning recycled materials into art and fashion. Allison Patrick, for example, creates "Artichoke Lamps" out of recycled books, and for some, a brown paper bag makes the perfect "wear away" dress.