05/16/2012 05:15 pm ET

Maria Paz Delgado Naked Pictures? How Playboy Gets Twitter Followers (NSFW VIDEO)

To all the companies struggling to build their social media presence, here's a tip from Playboy: Men will tweet to see boobs.

The famed men's magazine has launched a Twitter-driven strip-tease. For every 15 tweets viewers send during the broadcast of an Argentine TV show called "Sabado Bus," a section of a Playboy centerfold is revealed, Adland reported.

The "Playboy Tweetgrid" campaign aims to boost the Twitter following of Playboy Argentina. Maria Paz Delgado, a hostess on the show and a former Miss Buenos Aires, served as the model for the strip teases.

Clever? Smutty? A Neanderthal plunge into online networking?

Regardless, Playboy Argentina said the ploy has worked, generating 390 retweets in an hour. The number of users following the company's Twitter account increased by 23 percent, spreading to the United States, France, India, Kuwait and many other nations outside of South America.

While the move may seem extreme, Playboy Enterprises has to do something, to make sure it stays afloat, according to reports. An advertising nosedive in the magazine industry and mushrooming of free online porn put Hugh Hefner's 59-year-old baby in a tough spot, according to a 2011 Wall Street Journal report.