05/16/2012 01:36 pm ET

'The View' Invites Mitt Romney To Appear On Show (VIDEO)

One day after hosting President Obama, Barbara Walters revealed that "The View" has invited Mitt Romney to appear on the show as well.

On Tuesday, Obama visited the "The View," and spoke about gay marriage, his family and financial reform among other things. He also admitted that he had considered announcing his support of gay marriage on the show — a moment that Walters would have surely loved.

The co-hosts reflected on the huge interview on Wednesday. Walters said that some viewers have wondered why Romney hasn't been on the show. She clarified that he had in fact visited "The View" to talk about his new book in 2010, and that they have extended another invitation to him.

"His people are considering it and I think they are looking for a date," Walters said. "We do not play favorites... well, some of us do —"

"It's called 'The View,'" Joy Behar interrupted.

Walters explained that Romney's appearance would give him an opportunity to answer some serious questions, and also to "relax" and "talk about his kids."

Later, Whoopi Goldberg said that she has enjoyed the appearances of political guests, whether they were Republicans or Democrats.

"Everybody's really got a great groove to them," she said. "I mean, both sides, I have to say — Mr. Romney was very nice when he came, other people who we may disagree with politically, but they were great guys."



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