05/16/2012 12:22 pm ET Updated May 16, 2012

Sparkler$: Ryan Enn Hughes Creates Incredible Animated GIFs (PHOTOS)

Toronto artist Ryan Enn Hughes has created a mesmerizing series that could force many to rethink the possibilities of animated GIFs.

For the project, dubbed "Sparkler$," Hughes enlisted four subjects to jump up and down while "painting" with sparklers. All the while, Hughes took photographs with a DSLR camera on an eight-second exposure. The photos were then mastered at 5,000 pixels.

Hughes says he and his team probably burnt 200 sparklers during shooting process, which was completed over the course of one day.

With both a background in photography and filmmaking, Hughes is invested in the future of animated GIFs.

"Photographers have an eye that is extremely well-developed, particularly with their sense of lighting and capturing a single moment. But for me, I want to do more than just make a still image," Hughes told The Huffington Post in a telephone interview. "I think the whole concept of having a moving photograph is going to expand even more in the coming years."

Can't get enough of Ryan Enn Hughes exploration of moving and still images? Check out his 360 project, which The Huffington Post covered last year.

Check out Ryan Enn Hughes Sparkler$ project below and the behind the scenes video.

Ryan Enn Hughes