05/16/2012 05:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Story Of Send: Google Animation Touts Green Practices, Security, Efficiency (VIDEO)

Google is known for its homepage doodles, which use fun animations and cool thematic manipulations of its logo to commemorate special days.

In that same spirit of blending information and entertainment, the search giant today released a virtual tour of its Gmail e-mail system called "The Story Of Send."

"The Story Of Send" is a super-cute interactive teaching tool that follows an e-mail from sender to recipient, through the intricate piping of Google's custom-built servers and security protocols. There's also a slightly different, somewhat less-cute informational video compliment to the tour.

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Both are peppered with interesting factoids regarding Google's security measures and efficiency-improving, energy-reducing practices. While its reasonable to expect that an e-mail service with more than 350 million users employs more than a few security measures, Google's green side might come as a surprise to the average person.

According to the animations, its data centers use 50 percent less energy than typical centers, and are powered by local wind farms in some cases.

The tour also touts the benefits of the Google data server cloud, which facilitates the much-fussed about merging of user information under the company's new privacy policy, which went into effect March 1, 2012.

WATCH: The Story Of Send: