05/16/2012 12:56 pm ET Updated May 16, 2012

Addison Kleinhans, 7, and Bella Hicks, 5, Battle Cancer Together As 'Soul Mates'

Two young children fighting cancer have found strength in the powerful friendship they share, 9News reports.

Addison Kleinhans, 7, and Bella Hicks, 5, were both diagnosed with leukemia one day apart. They were complete strangers when they met, but now their parents call them "soul mates."

"It means we were friends in another dimension," Addison said.

"That's what a BFF is -- best friends forever."

Holding hands through chemotherapy treatments and sharing laughter through painful spinal tap procedures, their mothers say that Addison and Bella have developed a special bond -- a bond that has carried them through the darkest period of their young lives.

"You don't have to know these kids to know that there's something special going on," Addison's mom told 9News.

"Just having him come in and just hold her hand and be with her, made her feel better," Bella's mom added.

Bella will finish her treatments this June, but Addison has another year to go.

HLN-TV reports that the Make-A-Wish Foundation will be sending the two friends to Disney World once Addison is better.

Until then, Addison will likely be living by one of his life mottos.

"Like one of my old sayings -- if it's one your worst feared place[s], just make friends and it'll be your favorite," he said.