05/17/2012 03:11 pm ET

The Abandoned Bikes In New York City (INTERACTIVE MAP) (PHOTOS)

Leave a bike outside long enough in New York, and if it's not stolen, it will almost certainly be stripped of its parts. (Watch this timelapse for a great demonstration.) Disheartened cyclists will often abandon their ravaged rides, locked to poles, trees and racks. The detritus is everywhere in New York, and not only looks ugly, but also takes up the limited space for other bikers to lock up.

Transportation Nation asked its readers to submit photos of the orphaned bikes, and 400 submissions later, put the photos into the awesome interactive map below.

They also plan to send the map to the Department of Sanitation Thursday, and will check back in on the bikes to see how many have been picked up.

Is there an eyesore of a bike congesting your sidewalk? Submit!


Click on the thumbs to see the photos.