05/17/2012 11:28 am ET Updated May 17, 2012

Alan Richman Roast For GQ Critic: Anthony Bourdain, Daniel Boulud, And Eric Ripert Celebrate (PHOTOS)

Top foodies and celebrity chefs including Daniel Boulud and Marcus Samuelsson gathered at Le Bernardin on Wednesday evening to roast GQ's restaurant critic of 25 years, Alan Richman.

Setting aside old wounds, Anthony Bourdain was notably in attendance to roast the venerable critic. In 2010, Richman famously picked on Bourdain's restaurant Les Halles to which Bourdain fired back with an entire chapter bluntly titled "Alan Richman Is A Douchebag" in his book "Medium Raw."

Richman apparently didn't enjoy the literary inclusion and called Bourdain a "living, breathing, low blow" and criticized publisher HarperCollins for allowing the chapter to go through.

Alas, the two culinary greats were in great moods for Wednesday's roast, where Bourdain got his chance with a few zingers at Richman and jested, "Now, when you Google ‘Alan Richman,’ it suggests ‘Alan Richman is a douchebag.’ You’ve been Santorumed!”

Bourdain also joked, "How can you review a restaurant if you’re not drunk?"

Other attendees included former New York Times restaurant critic Sam Sifton who poked fun at Richman's fashion and said, "Twenty-five years at a men’s magazine and he still looks like an extra on Law and Order."

See photos of the roast below:



GQ's Roast of Alan Richman