05/17/2012 02:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Beverly Hills Hillbilly Metro Video Mocks Residents For NIMBYism

Let go of any pre-conceived notions you have about Beverly Hills residents being sophisticated and forward-thinking.

A new video being circulated by the proponents of the LA Metro's Purple Line (you know, that subway to the sea) paints the tony residents as backward yokels for opposing metro construction underneath the Beverly Hills High School, ignorant of all the financial and cultural gains it could mean for the city. And they do it all through song!

Poking fun at Beverly Hills NIMBYism over the metro, the hillbillies get in zingers like, "Beverly Hills is happy watching the rest of the world move on" and "We hill folk want to stay stuck in 1959."


It's pretty good payback for the dramatic video that opponents released in April, which said metro construction under Beverly Hills High could result in a "mega-disaster" for the school in the form of a campus-wide explosion. The dramatic video was created with the help of school parents who work in the film industry, notes CBS2.


Watch both videos and weigh in on which one makes the more compelling case.