05/17/2012 03:06 am ET Updated May 17, 2012

'Ghost Hunters': Grant Wilson's Finale Investigation Takes Him To The Haunted Inn He Co-Owns (VIDEO)

Grant Wilson closed the chapter on his time with "Ghost Hunters" (Wed., 9 p.m. ET on Syfy) by investigating the inn he owns with fellow TAPS founder Jason Hawes. And he wasn't to go out quietly, as the inn lived up to its haunted reputation.

The team watched, with cameras rolling, as a door inexplicably opened slowly. It had been closed all night and no one was visibly opening it. At another point, a deadbolt lock kept relocking when Jason would try to unlock it. Once they got that door open, there was no one inside the room who could have been doing that.

The Spalding Inn has been plagued by spirits for 80-plus years, making it the perfect place for a final investigation for the new co-owner. There were plenty of sounds caught on camera, including footsteps in empty rooms above where the investigators were, and windows and doors opening and closing on their own. Even more eery, a woman's voice rang out a few times.

The final tally is that the house is definitely rife with spiritual activity. That and the fact that it's own by the "Ghost Hunters" stars should ensure it does a brisk business.

"Ghost Hunters" has been renewed by Syfy, and will return for an ninth season, without Grant as part of the investigative team.

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