05/17/2012 06:34 pm ET Updated May 18, 2012

Joyce Grendel, Ohio Teen, Takes Joe Haden, Browns Cornerback, To Prom (VIDEO)

Joyce Grendel scored a date with an NFL star, and he wasn't even made out of cardboard.

The 18-year-old Ohio student asked Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden to her senior prom via Twitter, but she never expected the message to amount to much, FOX 8 reports.

However, soon after her social media Hail Mary, Grendel found herself going to the dance with her favorite athlete -- in his Lamborghini.

The 23-year-old football player didn't have the opportunity to go to his own high school prom because he was attending workouts at the University of Florida, where he played before being drafted by the Browns in 2010, Bleacher Report noted.

Grendel joins the ranks of other teens who've managed to snag famous athletes as prom dates.

Linda Watson got to take not one, but two of her favorite Missouri football players to her senior dance. T.J. Moe and Corbin Berkstresser even twirled around to Kenny Chesney's "The Boys of Fall" with the teen, who has cerebral palsy.

Similarly, Natascha Richardson danced the night away with Eloy Vargas, a University of Kentucky basketball player, after she asked him to prom earlier that day.

And although Rachel Bird didn't exactly take Tim Tebow to her prom, the Iowa teen opted for the next best thing -- a cardboard cutout of the New York Jets player.

Correction: Joe Haden is a cornerback for the Cleveland Browns. A previous version of this article incorrectly identified him as a quarterback.