05/17/2012 12:25 pm ET

Mike Huckabee And Citizens United Were Totally Just Kidding About That 'Political Whores' Mailer

Earlier this week, BuzzFeed's Zeke Miller obtained a hard copy of a letter from the conservative nonprofit group Citizens United, signed by sometime presidential candidate and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, in which Huckabee complained that President Barack Obama had "surrounded himself with morally repugnant political whores with misshapen values and gutter-level ethics." I actually remember a time when Obama was thusly surrounded -- it was at an event called the "State Of The Union Address." But this is apparently not the occasion to which this letter referred, and, as such, it caused a predictable stir.

Well, Huckabee wants you to know that he totally did not approve of this letter. Per Dylan Byers:

Mike Huckabee is firmly denying that he approved a fundraising letter which refers to President Obama's advisers as "morally repugnant political whores."

"This was a complete surprise to me," Gov. Huckabee said in a statement to POLITICO, sent via a representative. "I most certainly did not approve such language and would never have used that kind of repulsive rhetoric. I repudiate that language, find it offensive to me, and have ordered that it be pulled immediately."

Indeed, there is language that Huckabee does not want to be associated with and tactics to which he shall not cotton. This was all made abundantly clear in the 2008 presidential news cycle, when he called a press conference to explain how upset he was about his campaign's attack ad on Mitt Romney's dishonesty, because "that's not the way we want to run." And then he showed the ad to reporters, gave them each a copy, and presented them with a "dossier" of information underpinning the ad. Heh-heh. But the important thing is that Huckabee was not going to run the ad, no sir! (The ad subsequently ran.)

At any rate, Byers goes on to report that a spokesman for Citizens United says that no one approved the language in the mailer, and that it was just "sent out as a test." You know, like, "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet morally repugnant political whores, etc."

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