05/17/2012 07:36 am ET Updated May 17, 2012

Nancy Berry's Debut Exhibition 'For The Dance Of Light' Hits Pacific Design Center (PHOTOS)

Self-taught photographer and former record executive Nancy Berry is debuting her work in a bewitching new exhibition entitled, "For The Dance of Light" at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles. However, her contorted female frames, bondage accoutrements and fairy-inspired photos make us cringe with memories of visiting Hot Topic or spending time teasing our hair to resemble Robert Smith's.

Berry made a name for herself as the Vice Chairman Virgin Music Group before she took up photography, where she serves as a model, set designer and sometimes costume designer in her shoots. Her images' ephemeral edginess is achieved through effects Berry constructs in-camera and then destroys following the shoot. Through this process, the swells of color that feel so fleeting are in fact inimitable.

In the images below, the thrill of youthful rebellion contains an extra helping of melodramatic angst. In numerous photos of herself lounging on various surfaces, Berry looks like a teenage nymph rather than an ex-music executive, and the transformation is truly bizarre. Shadows, twisted limbs and big eyes make up the cryptic scenes in her collection, which will likely appeal to readers of "Twilight," or perhaps even "Fifty Shades of Grey."

"For The Dance of Light" will show on Friday, May 18 at the Pacific Design Center in LA. Check out Berry's dark visions below:

Nancy Berry