05/17/2012 02:29 pm ET Updated May 17, 2012

Ron Swanson, Cubs Fan, Takes On Darryl Philbin, Sox Fan, In Round 2 Of New Era Campaign (VIDEO)

Comedians Nick Offerman and Craig Robinson, best known for their roles of Ron Swanson ("Parks and Recreation") and Darryl Philbin ("The Office") respectively, have entered a appropriately-timed round two of their Cubs vs. Sox debate as part of New Era's latest ad campaign.

Last month, Offerman, a Cubs fan who was born and raised in Illinois and got his comedy start in Chicago, and Robinson, who grew up on the city's South Side and loved the Sox, exchanged barbs about each other's favorite teams while sitting in a fictional Chicago bar called The Dividing Line.

This time around, the two have returned to The Dividing Line to test how far the other would go for their team.

"Would you give up deep-dish pizza for life if it'd guarantee the Cubs will win the World Series?" Robinson asks.

"I could stack up thin crust," Offerman responds in his signature deadpan. "So, yes."

Later, Robinson asks, "Would you go skinny dipping, in Lake Michigan, in December?"

"Again?" Offerman, who will be in town for the Just For Laughs Chicago festival next month, returns.

The ads are modeled after the Alec Baldwin vs. John Krasinski, Yankees vs. Red Sox campaign New Era released last year.

In a very unscientific HuffPost Chicago poll, 58 percent of readers said Offerman made a stronger argument in favor of his team in the first ad -- this time around, how would you rate their performances?