05/18/2012 08:51 am ET Updated May 18, 2012

Bill O'Reilly To Glenn Beck: 'You Could Find A Conspiracy In A Pair Of Socks' (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck appeared on Bill O'Reilly's Fox News show Thursday night to promote summer events he's organizing to "bring clarity to overregulation by the government."

Beck said he is planning a nationwide lemonade sale, bake sale, and hug-a-thon on June 13 in response to some states trying to ban bake sales due to their unhealthy nature, and regulate lemonade stands by requiring children to possess permits.

Speaking of the government, Beck said, "What they're doing now is telling our children that they can't hug in school. They're telling our children that you cant have a bake sale. They're telling our children that you cant have a lemonade stand without a permit. What is happening to us, Bill? This is insane!"

He added, "For the love of Pete—they're trying to tell our children, 'you can't do it, unless you come to us first.'"

O'Reilly asked, "Do you think this is a distinct plan by the Nanny Staters to discourage entrepreneurialism in younger Americans?" He added, "It's not a conspiracy."

"Bill, are you accusing me of finding a conspiracy in a yummy glass of lemonade?" Beck asked. "Impossible!"

O'Reilly answered, "You can find a conspiracy in a pair of socks, Beck. You know that."

"Only because they're all talking to each other and some of them disappear suddenly," Beck joked.



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