05/21/2012 06:58 pm ET

Breaking Up: 'Yo, Should I Dump This A**hole?' Will Tell You What To Do

Usually the "should I dump my significant other" conversation happens with a close friend possibly over brunch, or maybe on the phone with your mother or in your therapist's office. Now a new Tumblr account has moved this very personal debate to the Internet.

"Yo, should I dump this a**hole" is the latest forum for people wondering if they should ditch their significant other (brought to you by the creators of "Yo, Is This Racist?"). The blog invites readers to anonymously post their partner's strengths and weaknesses, then offers (often snarky and hilarious) advice.


Anonymous asked: This guy I'm dating is sweet and loves me, but he keeps changing his mind about his goals and is unemployed living with his parents. I want to travel the world and work internationally. I feel like he's getting in the way of my goals. Should I dump him?

He probably has a ’90s nostalgia Tumblr, right? Put on a red trenchcoat and hum the Carmen Sandiego theme. He’ll get it.

Not everyone on "Yo, should I dump this a**hole" is looking to ditch the one they're with. Some participants even brag about their great other half. But, in the event that you are dating an a**hole and you need to break things off, no need to worry about how you'll do it. The app iDUMP4U will do all your dirty work if you provide a little information and a credit card number. Thank God for the Internet.