05/18/2012 01:32 pm ET

'Celebrity Apprentice': Donald Trump On Why You'll Never See Regis Philbin On The Show

On "The Celebrity Apprentice," Donald Trump has no problem firing Academy Award winners, Olympians and reality stars, but there's one man who he could never fire.

"I'd love Regis, but Regis would win," Trump told The Huffington Post when asked if his good friend Regis Philbin could be on the show next season. "It wouldn't be fair. Everybody would know I couldn't fire Regis."

NBC has already slotted "The Celebrity Apprentice" for a new season and Trump said casting is already underway.

"Everybody wants to be on the show. It's very easy for us," he said on the red carpet at NBC's upfront presentation in New York this week. "We have to turn down probably seven for every one we take. You'd be amazed how many celebrities are out there."

Trump said he has dream contestants, but we won't reveal who they are. "I better not tell you because I'll never get them," he said. "There are a couple of people that I'd love to get. A couple of them don't want to be fired, but I've always said, certain people I'd love to get."

The current season of "The Celebrity Apprentice" is wrapping on Sunday and it's a showdown between an "American Idol" veteran and a former talk show host.

"Clay Aiken has done an amazing job. Arsenio Hall has done an amazing job," Trump said. "They're very different, but very, very smart guys and they were good leaders. They did a really good job and raised a lot of money for charity."

The season finale of "The Celebrity Apprentice" airs Sunday, May 20 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.