05/18/2012 02:48 pm ET

Charlize Theron: 'I Had No Teeth Until I Was 11'

These days, Academy Award winner Charlize Theron is a red carpet dream. Tall and leggy, the blonde South African stunner has a covetable wardrobe and a killer smile.

But Charlize's features weren't always so picture-perfect. Nope, according to the actress herself, her smile was totally toothless until age 11.

In a new interview with Britain's newspaper The Sun, Theron reveals that she never had "milk teeth," a Britishism for baby teeth.

Theron apparently had jaundice as a baby, which required her family to put her on a hefty course of antibiotics. Her teeth rotted as a result, and they had to be removed, leaving her with "fangs" that had to be cut out of her mouth.

"That was tough, you know, being in school having photos taken while I was pretending I had teeth. It was hideous," she says.

Charlize also mentions in the interview that since adopting her son, she's learned to survive on four hours of sleep! (As big sleep fans, we obviously can't condone skipping so much of your beauty rest.)

We're sure the Dior spokesmodel and beauty who pulls off stunning sheer dresses looked beautiful either way.

Click over to the Sun to read more of Charlize's interview, including revelations about her tumultuous home life as a kid.

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