05/18/2012 03:49 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Girl's Happy, Inspirational Answers To Writing Exercise Make Mom Proud (PHOTO)

Remember "Daily Affirmation Jessica?" Well, this little girl might just be her soul sister.

Reddit user caffeinesleep posted an image of her daughter's adorable writing exercise, saying she couldn't be more proud of the 8-year-old's answers.


After careful examination of the assignment, it's clear mom's feelings are spot on.

The child not only marked that she felt happy about school, reading and learning new things, but she also chose to eliminate the option of feeling any other way by adding a big blue "X" across the mediocre and sad faces. Now that's positive thinking!

And while some kids dream of becoming a veterinarian or an astronaut, this girl is embracing her childhood by setting her sights on some slightly more original goals: "I wish I could fly and make the biggest burp," she writes.

You go, girl.

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