05/18/2012 04:35 pm ET

'Hyde Park On Hudson' Trailer: Bill Murray Wants His Oscar (VIDEO)

"Hyde Park on Hudson": Bill Murray's Best Actor make-up call?

Murray infamously lost the Oscar trophy to Sean Penn at the 2004 ceremony, but could find himself holding the little gold man this year thanks to "Hyde Park on Hudson," a bit of down-the-middle-looking Oscar bait that recalls "The King's Speech" and "My Week With Marilyn."

Of course, playing it somewhat safe might be by design: "Hudson" focuses on Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Murray) and a romantic relationship he had with his distant cousin, Margaret Stuckley (Laura Linney, providing some on-the-nose narration). Things come to a head during a weekend at FDR's Hyde Park home, when the King and Queen of England stop by for a visit.

Olivia Colman and Samuel West play Queen Elizabeth and King George VI, while Murray's "Rushmore" co-star Olivia Williams plays Eleanor Roosevelt.

Still, despite the supporting cast, it's Murray's show. He affects a mannered voice as the four-term president, and gets his very own prop: a cigarette holder, which he flicks upward with the aplomb of a guy gunning for Oscar.

"Hyde Park on Hudson" arrives in theaters in December.


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