Jennifer Lopez's 'American Idol' Future: Will She Stay For A Third Season?

Despite reports, Jennifer Lopez isn't leaving "American Idol" -- but she's not necessarily keeping her seat behind the judges' table either.

“There is no truth to reports that say I am definitely leaving Idol. All I said was I haven't decided what I am doing next year. #mediaremix," Lopez tweeted.

Lopez, who has been with the talent show for two seasons, has yet to make up her mind about returning to the show that paid her a reported $20 million for her second season.

“She just doesn’t have enough time,” an insider told me. "But when $20 million is on the line, you make time. Jennifer is the hardest working woman in show business and is used to juggling many projects as well as being an amazing single mom. Plus, after the audition rounds, the schedule is easy. It's four hours, two nights a week in L.A. Most entertainers would kill for a schedule like that.”

Jennifer does have a busy summer coming up, what with going on tour with Enrique Iglesias and heading to Europe after that, but she is a businesswoman who is very aware of the bottom line.

"If there's one thing that Jennifer does better than being a star, it is the business of being a star," the insider continued. "She has amassed a fortune from licensing and marketing deals and isn’t about to walk away from 'Idol' money just because she has a busy tour. 'Idol' has put her back on top."

"Not only do they pay her a fortune, the exposure it gives her every week is something she is very aware of," the insider added. "Next week she is performing on the show, singing an eight-minute medley."

Neither Jennifer's representative nor Fox returned my request for comment and they've even made it clear that reporters attending Friday's show are not allowed to ask contestants about Lopez during their customary postshow interviews.



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