Judge Judy Speaks Out In Support Of Gay Marriage On 'The View' (VIDEO)

Judge Judy Sheinlan has never shy about voicing her opinions, and Friday on "The View," (weekdays on ABC) she spoke out in support of gay marriage.

After telling the ladies that one of the most heart-warming marriages she'd ever presided over was between a gay couple, she declared herself an advocate for marriage equality. "If you're a good citizen, if you pay your taxes, if you work, you should have all the rights and responsibilities of everybody else," she stated.

It's not the first time Judge Judy has spoken out in favor of gay marriage. In 2009, when Proposition 8 was on the ballot in California, she expressed similar sentiments to Larry King. "We've got a lot of trouble in this country ... Why the state should be interested in proscribing the word marriage from two people who love each other, who are responsible tax-paying productive people who have created a family ... why the state would have an interest in proscribing that kind of conduct, I don't understand ... I don't understand the preoccupation with gays being permitted to marry."

Judge Judy also made a contrasting point about Nadya Suleman, known as the 'Octomom,' emphasizing that the issue should be viewed through the lens of personal responsibility. "I have an issue with anyone who has children who they can't take care of. You don't make somebody like that a celebrity to begin with."

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