04/24/2012 10:47 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

WATCH: Raise Your Voice!

At Marlothomas.com, we're always talking about women who have pushed the limit in order to accomplish something great. Traciana Graves grew up in a loving home, but she suffered heartbreaking bullying throughout her school years for how she dressed, spoke and even how she walked. She turned to music for solace, dreaming of one day becoming a singer (which she eventually did!). Her savior during that difficult bullying phase was a popular boy named Joel. He stood up for her, and later, he became her beloved stepbrother when their parents got married. Then Joel went to college and pledged a fraternity -- and the unthinkable happened: a hazing incident took his life.

Instead of letting that personal tragedy cripple her, Traciana faced the world. She fulfilled her lifelong dream of being a singer and then dedicated her life and career to ending the one practice that almost tore her world apart: bullying. Traciana didn't let fear, grief or discouragement stop her. She is truly fearless! Watch the video below to learn more about her inspiring story.

Three fearless lessons Traciana learned that you can try yourself:

1) Create a personal mantra -- and live by it. Traciana's cure for bullying consists of the "Three Ps": purpose, power and potential. Be mindful of your purpose. Always know your power. Understand your potential.

2) Everyone has negative experiences. It's up to you to translate yours into positive actions that help yourself and others.

3) Always speak up for injustice -- don't be afraid to do so! A shift in the world starts with you.

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