05/18/2012 03:28 pm ET

Rosario Dawson Talks About Why She Loves Riding The Train (VIDEO)

With National Train Day being held last weekend, train travel has been buzzing. Sure airplanes might get all the press -- good or bad -- there are people who swear by the good old fashioned rails. Rosario Dawson is one of those people.

"There are so many different reasons as to why I love riding trains," said Dawson, a National Train Day spokeswoman. "But I think ultimately it's the romantic feeling of it. There's something about it that just transports me into old films."

Here at HuffPost Travel, we like to share the train love, too, from luxury train travel trips around the world to the best train trips in the U.S.

Are you a train lover? Need a little convincing? Check out why Dawson thinks trains are the best in the video above.

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