05/18/2012 11:05 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Soleil Moon Frye On 'Punky Brewster' Style, Daughters Poet And Jagger Acting & Mommy Beauty (PHOTOS)

"I feel like Punky was a style icon," 35-year-old actress Soleil Moon Frye said of her breakout role as the title character on TV show "Punky Brewster" in the 1980s. She quickly corrected her use of the past tense, "Is a style icon, not was. I meet all these designers who are like 'Punky was totally my inspiration.' And I'm like, 'Yes!'"

"Punky Brewster" even serves as the catalyst for Frye's own store, "Little Seed" and a Target collaboration of the same name. "It's all bright, colorful and organic," she explained, "Very 'Punky' colors." In her everyday life, Frye adopts a similar palette, "I love color," she explained, "and I love black. So I'm either in really bright hues or in black."

Appropriately, Frye was wearing a silk, bright fuchsia dress and black patent pumps at the party in honor of Liz Lange's tenth anniversary with Target. Looking at the bright maternity pieces around us, Frye joked about what she was going to tell her husband, director Jason Goldberg, when she got home, "I'm like, 'Literally babe, we have to get pregnant again.'"

Now juggling motherhood in addition to acting, writing a second children's book, running a store and visiting Haiti, Frye admits she has gotten somewhat more simple in her beauty routine ("I'm all about Cetalphil. [And] flavored lip gloss"), and that her body isn't quite what it once was ("I tried on pants the other day I had before the baby and they only went to my knees!"). But, she is okay with the change. "I'm not exactly the same, but I'm not trying to be," she explained, "I'm embracing it."

Frye's two uniquely named daughters, Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg and Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg, are already following in their mother's theatrical footsteps. "Jagger has her first play tomorrow night!" Frye exclaimed, "It's a school play and she’s playing a bird. I’m very excited. They both really love performing." As a child star herself, Frye wouldn't discourage her girls from persuing similar paths, "If they are anything like I was, I would have no say in the matter."

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