05/21/2012 03:22 pm ET

The Top 7 Women On YouTube: Meet The Site's Biggest Female Stars

YouTube celebrates its seventh birthday today, and in the seven years it's been around, the video-sharing site YouTube has enabled everyone from budding fashionistas to undiscovered singing talents achieve their dreams.

Pop sensation Justin Bieber, for example, was discovered on YouTube by R&B singer Usher; he's since become a break-out star and his "Baby" music video is currently the most viewed video on YouTube of all time. And YouTube users Anthonly Padilla and Ian Hecox created a whole website,, and YouTube show out of their comedic channel, which they created as teens back in 2005.

But forget about the guys, there are a whole lot of women who've struck it big on YouTube, too. From Megan Nicole, a young and talented singer who's currently on tour in Europe, to Michelle Phan, founder and CEO of her own company, FAWN, Inc., these seven young women have used YouTube to their advantage to become the strong, successful females they are today.

Flip through the slideshow below to check out the top seven women on YouTube with the most subscribers (note: The list includes only independently run channels, which is why you won't see Rihanna's VEVO channel -- 2.25 million subscribers strong -- on the list). Who are your favorite YouTube users to follow? Let us know in the comments below.

Most Popular Women On YouTube